2020 has been a year of uncertainties and learning experiences and we want to review what this year has meant for us. Since the start of the crisis in March 2020, MMYPEM took all the necessary measures to ensure that our team can always work in a safe and comfortable way without putting their health or their families and colleagues at risk.

[THERMAL PLANT] – We started 2020 being awarded with a support contract for the final stage of the mechanical assembly of the desulfurization plant at the Endesa thermal power station located in As Pontes (Galicia). The plant, which is the largest of its kind in Spain, has 4 groups of 1,460 MW and directly employs more than 700 people.



[CERRO DOMINADOR] – Cerro Dominador, the project commissioned by ACCIONA industrial and ABENGOA as main EPEcistas and in which MMYPEM has participated twice during 2020. The first time we did the collection of salts and their subsequent fusion process. To do this, MMYPEM has required more than 100 workers, including local and expatriate personnel, and the salt melting process has been carried out in less than 60 days, the time that was initially scheduled for its completion. On our last visit we did the assembly of the last stage of the steam turbine in the solar thermal power plant, which is an essential part for the generation of sustainable electricity.

[ASHALIM PLOT-B] –  The Ashalim thermo solar plant Plot-B has been built in the western Negev desert, approximately 35 km south of the city of Be’er Sheva. It is a 121-megawatt solar complex that uses mirrors to focus the sun’s power on the solar receiver on top of the power pylons. After being there during the start-up wereturned to the Ashalim Plot-B plant to support the works at that stop.

[QUICKSTART] – MMYPEM has been selected to assist during the mechanical start-up phase of the Pajonales plant. The five plants will be connected to the Chilean electrical system to supply backup capacity to the country. The plants will have a total capacity of 475 MW and will be equipped with 264 engines.

[NEW DEPARTMENT DEDICATED TO PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR ENERGY] In 2020 we have a new department dedicated to the creation of photovoltaic power stations to show our environmental commitment through the use of renewable energy and to meet our growing customer needs.

[DESULPHURISER PLANT AS PONTES] – MMYPEM, after being part of the operations team in the start-up process of the desulfurisation plant, supported Endesa during the O&M phase, during the activities of control room operation, field operation, water plant operation and E + I&C maintenance.

[PHOTOVOLTAIC PLANT IBERDROLA] – We worked  on thephotovoltaic plant built by Iberdrola, carrying out the placement and positioning of the concrete structure, anchors, placement of the photovoltaic modules, electrical installation and connections.

[CUBILLOS DEL SIL] – Cubillos del Sil (León) biomass plant is one of the largest forest biomass plants on the Iberian Peninsula and Southern Europe. The plant will generate energy from biomass of forest origin. It is expected to consume about 280,000 tons of biomass per year and will help with the forest management of Castilla and León mountains.. MMYPEM was at the biomass plant supporting ACCIONA in the first stage of O&M

[SAUDÍ ARABIA] – MMYPEM carried out assembly operations, alignment of rotating equipment and piping works in the construction of the plant. The new refinery, which has a production capacity of 2,500 tonnes of white sugar per day, will cooperate with the Saudi Arabian market for its annual consumption of more than 1.2 million tonnes of this type of sugar. Thanks to this project, TSK has helped in the sustainable development of the country and in the creation of more than 370 new jobs.


From  MMYPEM we look to the future with hope and positivism, hoping that 2021 will come full of health and projects.