MMYPEM has been awarded a support contract for the final stage of the mechanical assembly of the desulfurization plant at the Endesa thermal power station located in As Pontes (Galicia).

The plant, which is the largest of its kind in Spain, has 4 groups of 1,460 MW and directly employs more than 700 people. In recent years, this power plant embarked on a process of modernization to reduce its polluting emissions and comply with the requirements of the European Industrial Emissions Directive (DEI), as well as the BREF.

Within this process, the desulfurization facilities are a key element, as they will help to reduce sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions by 80%. The main element of the facility is the absorber system, the place where combustion gases arrive after passing through the ash collector. Each desulfurizer plant has a vertical atomization tower over 30 meters high. For the normal functioning, they will demand an annual consumption of up to 25,000 tons of limestone and will produce approximately 30,000 tons of gypsum.

The works developed by MMYPEM in this last stage will include the support to construction, the setting-up of systems and their subsequent commissioning.