At the end of 2022, we will take stock of the projects completed this year, which have been possible thanks to the entire human team that makes up MMYPEM. We are proud of this team and thank them for their dedication and involvement in each project.

[COMMISSIONING NESS ENERGY PROJECTUNITED KINGDOM]MMYPEM and QATRO, carried out for ACCIONA lthe commissioning of a new waste to energy plant in Scotland; with full scope of service: mechanical, operation, electrical and instrumentation and control. The Ness Energy Project consists of a waste to energy plant with an installed capacity of 15 MWe for grid electricity and 10 MWth for district heating.


[MMYPEM AT THE START-UP OF THE GREEN HYDROGEN PLANT AT PUERTOLLANO] – MMYPEM, in collaboration with TEIGA TMI, started the commissioning of the largest green hydrogen plant in Europe, located in Puertollano.

Iberdrola and the Fertiberia plant have teamed up to build the largest green hydrogen plant for industrial use in Europe. With this project, MMYPEM reinforces its commitment to the energy transition.

The green hydrogen produced will be used directly in Fertiberia’s factory processes. Fertiberia will upgrade and modify the plant to be able to use the hydrogen production in the manufacture of fertilisers, thereby reducing the plant’s natural gas needs by more than 10%.


[UNITED KINGDOM] NEW BRANCH MMYPEM consolidates its international presence with the opening of a branch office in the United Kingdom. The agency, based in the town of Westhill, is now operational.

The company MMYPEM, specialised in mechanical assemblies and the commissioning of industrial plants on a global scale, is committed to the energy transition that is taking place throughout the European continent. MMYPEM thus celebrates its official opening in the country, where through its British agency it has closed two contracts, the completion of the BOP and the commissioning of the WTE Ness Energy Project plant in Aberdeen, Escocia.

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[GERMANY] START OF COMMISSIONING IN SCHOLVEN/GELSENKIRCHEN – MMYPEM has been awarded the contract for the commissioning of the new combined cycle plant being developed by SENER for Uniper in Scholven/Gelsenkirchen.

This plant is part of the energy transition strategy that Uniper is carrying out in Germany to replace coal with cleaner energy sources.

MMYPEM has been involved in this project for the last year, assembling two gas turbines model SGT-800 and a steam turbine model SST-300, both SIEMENS with their corresponding generators, and is currently finalising the assembly of the BOP.


[MMYPEM AT THE BIOMASS TURBINE SHUTDOWN IN CUBILLOS DEL SILANTA] – After having carried out the assembly of the turbogroup and subsequently the mechanical and operational start-up, MMYPEM was awarded by ACCIONA the mechanical support works for the mid-term inspection of the plant’s steam turbine.

ACCIONA has once again placed its trust in MMYPEM, highlighting its extensive experience in this type of work with a team of highly qualified professionals.


[UNITED KINGDOM] COMPLETION OF THE SHUTDOWN AT SOUTH HUMBER BANK – MMYPEM successfully completed the works on the maintenance shutdown of the South Humber Bank combined cycle plant in the United Kingdom. The works have been executed during last August.

The Czech manufacturer of steam turbines, Doosan Skoda, has placed its trust in MMYPEM, with the award of a contract for the mechanical maintenance of the steam turbine of one of its phases.

This plant has an installed capacity of 1266 MW thanks to its five gas turbines and two steam turbines.


MYPEM IN THE START-UP OF A NEW PHARMACEUTICAL PLANT IN BIZKAIA– MMYPEM carried out the support works for the start-up of a new pharmaceutical production plant for IDOM. The plant, owned by Faes Farma, has been built in the Science and Technology Park in Derio, Bizkaia, in addition to the existing plant in Leoia.

This 60,000 m2 facility, with the potential to manufacture more than 100 million units of medicines, will enable the production of new pharmaceutical forms and greater efficiency in the process.


[SOUTH AFRICA] MMYPEM STARTS CONSTRUCTION OF AIR CONDENSER IN SOUTH AFRICA MMYPEM started the assembly works of the air condenser and the water treatment plant in the CSP Redstone project, located in the Northen Cape region of South Africa, which consists of a central tower concentrating solar thermal power plant being developed by SEPCOIII for ACWA POWER. SEPCOIII for ACWA POWER.

This new plant will have a capacity of 100MW and a thermal storage system that will allow it to operate constantly. This is possible thanks to the fact that part of the heat generated during the hours of greatest solar irradiation is stored, thus allowing it to continue producing steam and generating electricity during times when there is no solar irradiation.

It is the largest renewable energy project in South Africa and will supply 200,000 households when completed.


MMYPEM IN THE START-UP OF A TYRE RECYCLING PLANT- MMYPEM has been awarded the contract for the start-up, with mechanical scope and operation, of the end-of-life tyre recovery plant being developed by  IDOM for Lyfe for Tyres in Puertollano.

With an annual processing capacity of around 30,000 tonnes of used tyres, the plant will be operational early next year and will be the first in Spain and the largest in Europe capable of transforming used tyres into advanced biofuel and other high quality secondary raw materials.


For MMYPEM we wish that this year will be full of new projects and health for all.