MMYPEM  has started assembly work on the air condenser and water treatment plant at the Redstone CSP project, located in the Northen Cape region of South Africa, which consists of a central tower concentrating solar thermal power plant being developed by SEPCOIII for ACWA POWER.

This new plant will have a capacity of 100MW and a thermal storage system that will allow it to operate constantly. This is possible thanks to the fact that part of the heat generated during the hours of highest solar irradiation is stored, thus allowing it to continue producing steam and generating electricity in times of lack of solar irradiation.

This is the largest renewable energy project in South Africa and will supply 200,000 households when completed.

MMYPEM commenced work at the beginning of this month, with the scope of the contract being the mechanical erection of the 16-cell air condenser, 610 tonnes of structure and 500 tonnes of ductwork as well as the erection of the systems that make up the water treatment plant.

With this new contract, MMYPEM reinforces its capabilities in the assembly of air condensers for steam power plants, adding to the one recently concluded in Ivory Coast.