MMYPEM hhas been awarded the contract for the commissioning with mechanical scope and operation of the end-of-life tyre recovery plant being developed by IDOM is developing for Lyfe for Tyres in Puertollano.

With an annual processing capacity of nearly 30,000 tons of used tires, the plant will start operating at the beginning of next year and will be the first in Spain and the largest in Europe capable of transforming used tires into advanced biofuel and other high-quality secondary raw materials.

MMYPEM has been awarded this important contract due to its commitment to sustainability, the circular economy, and the environment.

This award demonstrates MMYPEM’s responsibility for the protection of the environment and the implementation of sustainable practices in its daily operations. In addition, its focus on the circular economy in its business strategy shows its concern for the efficient and responsible use of resources. This project is a great achievement for MMYPEM and reflects its leadership in sustainability and environmental matters.