MMYPEM, in collaboration with TEIGA TMI, starts the commissioning of the largest green hydrogen plant in Europe, located in Puertollano.

Iberdrola and the Fertiberia plant have teamed up to build the largest green hydrogen plant for industrial use in Europe.

With this action, MMYPEM reinforces its commitment to the energy transition.

Iberdrola will be responsible for the production of green hydrogen from 100% renewable sources. Integrating one of the world’s largest hydrogen production systems using electrolysis (20 MW).

The green hydrogen produced will be used directly in Fertiberia’s factory processes. Fertiberia will upgrade and modify the plant to be able to use the hydrogen production in the manufacture of fertilisers, thereby reducing the plant’s natural gas needs by more than 10%.

With this project, MMYPEM aims to position itself as a benchmark in the green hydrogen sector as a clear commitment to the energy of the future.