The works at the Curtis Biomass plant are progressing at a good rate, as evidenced by the fact that MMYPEM has already prefabricated, in its facilities located in As Pontes, the pipe for the chemical cleaning and steam blowing of the main systems of the plant.

This chemical cleaning and steam blowing are two procedures that must be carried out prior to the start-up of any power plant, with the objective of eliminating the slag residues and elements that could cause costly damage to the turbines.

The future Curtis – Teixeiro Biomass plant will be the second largest plant of its kind in Spain and the first in technological innovation, with a capacity of 50 MW when fully operational. Once operational, it will produce electrical energy equivalent to the consumption of a population of more than 250,000 inhabitants. It will use as a fuel more than 500,000 tons of forest cuttings from certified forests, located within a radius of less than 100 kilometers of the plant. It is a highly efficient plant with a low level of CO2 emissions that will also reduce the risk of forest fires in the surrounding area, by increasing the awareness and cleaning of our forests.

The works carried out in the facilities of MMYPEM located in Os Airios industrial park have reached 5000 inches of piping.  The scope of the contract includes supply of materials, prefabrication and assembly. In addition to the pipe construction, the assembly of equipment and valves necessary for the chemical cleaning and steam blowing was also carried out.