Elecnor consolidated its position as the successful bidder for the construction of two biomass plants in Portugal, located in Viseu and Fundao. The company has worked on the design, engineering, equipment supply, construction, installation and commissioning of both plants, as well as on the evacuation line of the Fundao plant and the substation associated with the Viseu plant.

MMYPEM, after having carried out the start-up in 2019, returned to continue with the works at the Fundao and Viseu biomass plants, which lasted a month and a half.

Elecnor has once again placed its trust in us, highlighting our extensive international experience, as well as having a highly qualified team that had previously worked at both plants.

These plants burn forestry waste, mainly pine and eucalyptus, in a biomass boiler to produce superheated steam (440 ºC and 62 bar), which drives a steam turbine to produce electricity that is sold to the grid. The biomass boilers, supplied by Gestamp Energy Solutions, have a thermal efficiency of 89.5%. These boilers are known for their flexibility, which allows them to burn a wide range of fuels with different moisture contents.