At MMYPEM we have a broad and proven professional career in different fields such as: mechanical precision, adjustment and assemblies, fluid networks, assembly supervision and commissioning of industrial facilities, mostly in the energy field.

We always base our work on three fundamental pillars: quality, environment and safety. We have a highly experienced team and we care about continuous training so that our services can be performed optimally. We also care about complying with the most demanding standards of quality, prevention and the environment.

In MMYPEM have we have just obtained the German AD 2000-Merkblatt certification and the ISO 3834 certificate, both referring to our quality processes in welding and we have also obtained the ISO 45001 certificate regarding safety. One of our goals is to ensure the safety of our workers and all the members of the team.

We have also achieved the recertification of the  ISO 9001 Quality Certificate and the ISO 14001 Certificate corresponding to the Environmental Management System (EMS)