On January 31, the First University-Industry Engineering Conference was held at the Ferrol Industrial Campus-UDC, where more than a hundred students and graduates of polytechnic schools were able to meet with the most prominent companies of the regional industrial sector (VESTAS, GABADI, MMYPEM, NAVANTIA, ACCENTURE, GENHOVA ENGINEERING, TEXAS CONTROLS, etc.).

The goal of the Conference has been to promote that university students become acquainted with the businesses environment and the context in which they operate. This approach between the business world and the academic world allows young university students to get access to job opportunities. The conference also received an enthusiastic response from the participating companies who consider this initiative as an ideal channel for attracting new talent.

During his speech José Ramón Riveira, managing partner of MMYPEM, gave an informative talk about the company and its extensive experience in the field of mechanical assembly, repairs and commissioning of industrial facilities. In addition, he presented the most  high-profile projects accomplished by MMYPEM in Spain, EU, Latin America, MENA countries such as Israel, Kuwait and Morocco, South Africa, and Indonesia in power plants of different types ranging from combined cycles, solar thermal, photovoltaic plants, biomass, refineries to nuclear power plants.

After the talk, the students were able to meet with MMYPEM’s personnel to exchange views and learn in detail its internship programmes.