Execution: 2012
Contractor: Ecolarire España, S.A.
Client: ENCE

MMYPEM took part in the commissioning phase of  the Ence industrial complex, located in Huelva, where the two strands of the company are clearly shown: paper and energy. To the paper complex and to the biomass and cogeneration, with  41 MW  and 27 MW respectively, corresponding to the largest installed capacity in Spain,  with 50 MW, it adds an investment of 125 million euros and an estimated annual production of 337,000 MWh which added to the one coming from the other two above-mentioned will exceed one million MWh. During 2011, the total production of the company exceeded 1.5 million MWh. In total, Ence will increase its installed capacity by 180 MW (the 77 MW of the two Navia plants, located in Asturias,  and the 35 MW Of the one in Pontevedra) to 230 MW and will consolidate its position of first producer of Spain of electricity with biofuels, mainly based on wood residues and forest plantations.