MMYPEM, which had consolidated its presence in the Ivorian area with the opening of the new branch, is currently carrying out the prefabrication and assembly of the air condenser for the new Azito combined cycle power plant.

This project has arisen in response to the contract signed with the Cobra Group, in which MMYPEM will be responsible for the assembly of the steam turbine and the air condenser, as well as the commissioning of the gas turbine and miscellaneous work.

The air condenser, with a length of more than 90m, 2 lanes and 14 fans, will require for its construction: 550t of main structure, 650t of bundles and more than 100t for the ducts, collection ducts, fans, motors, reducers, ladders, etc.

The work started at the beginning of June after the foundations were checked, the containers were unloaded and the distribution ducts were prefabricated.

The assembly work is expected to be completed in December of this year.