Execution: 2009
Contractor: Técnicas Reunidas, S.A.
Client: Endesa, S.A.

MMYPEM participated actively in the commissioning of the Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant of BESÓS V.

In 2005 Fecsa-Endesa agreed with the municipality of San Adrián de Besós to replace the San Adrián plant, located on the right bank of the mouth of the Besós, by a new group of less polluting combined cycled  at Besós thermal power plant. In Endesa Generadora SA obtained in March 2008 the administrative authorization to install the new 859 MW plant, named Besós V, next to the groups Besós III and Besós IV, in the place occupied by the inactive groups Besos I and Besós II, which were accordingly demolished. Besós V came into service in December 2010.