TSK, in consortium with the Rolls-Royce Power System company, based in Germany, has been awarded with the contract for the construction of five power plants in Chile.

The five facilities are promoted by Prime Energia Quickstart, a subsidiary of Primer Energía, a company belonging to the Glenfarne Group conglomerate. Prime Energía will be the owner and operator of the plants.

MMYPEM has been selected to assist during the mechanical start-up phase of the Pajonales plant.

The works started last May and the first diesel engines are expected to start working at the end of June 2020. MMYPEM has a team of 10 people working at the facilities.

The five plants will be connected to the Chilean electrical system to supply backup capacity to the country. The plants will have a total capacity of 475 MW and will be equipped with 264 engines.

The generators will be digitally connected and will send data to the MTU GoManage platform to monitorise and analyse the information. The plants will be controlled in real time from the Operations Center in Chile.

Chile is one of the fastest growing economic powers in Latin America.

The country has enormous potential available in terms of renewable energy sources, and its energy demand is expected to increase at a rate of 4 percent per year over the next 5 years. By 2035, around 60 percent of the country’s electricity is expected to be produced from renewable energy, increasing to 70 percent by 2050.